When we launched FLi in December 2019 with an event devoted to SEX, LOVE AND REPODUCTION IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY we never suspected how ahead of the curve that would turn out to have been! The curve? The virus, reproducing, spreading rapidly globally, followed by an embrace of technologies as a means of maintaining and holding connection virtually. Human society entirely reorganised itself to flatten that curve we had not known we were ahead of, in a communal concerted effort of Love facing Death in the Age of Technology.

FLi chose to immediately reflect that by moving to host a series of virtual events to support connection and debate within the psychoanalytic community about the ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’ of this recourse to the virtual in clinical work. These have been attended by analysts from across the globe, from all the four corners of Ireland, from states across the USA, from all over Europe, from South America and the UAE. Join us for our next one.

You can view a list of our past events here.