The Freud Lacan institute is dedicated to supporting and promoting psychoanalysis in Ireland and around the world. It aims to bring together clinicians, students, scholars, researchers and anyone interested in Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis.


FLi collaborates with the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (APPI) to support the exploration of important and topical issues of local, national and international interest from a psychoanalytic perspective.

FLi was created to draw attention to psychoanalysis in any way we can. Drawing the public’s attention to trainings and courses in psychoanalysis, psychoanalysts in practice, psychoanalytic events and organisations, and by hosting FLi events and short courses.

We intend to guarantee psychoanalysis a much stronger voice within Irish culture going forward.

We do that by dialoguing with other voices. We do that by reaching beyond geographical borders. We welcome collaborative projects. We welcome interest and ideas for projects from journalists, artists, scientists, writers, psychiatrists, filmmakers, radio-folk and podcasters.

We have a very strong connection to the work of both Freud and Lacan. Their prominence in our thinking is reflected in the name we chose for this project. In naming it Freud Lacan institute we are stating that both Freud and Lacan really instituted something, initiating a wholly new approach to human existence, one centred on the Unconscious and Subjectivity.

That said, we also allow for the space between Freud and Lacan, inhabited by other important psychoanalysts. It is crucial to the ongoing development of the psychoanalytic project into the future, to recognise and credit the phenomenal contributions of a long list of psychoanalysts. Their individual work has fed back into the whole body of psychoanalytic theorising and practice, each contributing to shaping the psychoanalytic work currently being undertaken throughout the world.

So, we welcome participation from ALL psychoanalytic traditions and schools.

We also welcome funding! If you would like to support our project you can donate here.