Please do join us once more at FLi, as we launch our 2021 programme.

On January 23, as libidinal 2020 recedes and liminal 2021 opens before us, Carol Owens brings us into the psychical space of adolescence, back to the past facing into the future …
January 30th  sees the launch of FLi’s second series of seminars, Six More Themes on Psychoanalysis. Following on the success of the first series and in line with your feedback to us, we have devised this series of seminars along a similar format. Each of the seminars is led by a psychoanalyst of long standing with a specialist interest in the topic presented. Join presenters – Pauline O’Callaghan, Dan Collins, Kevin Murphy, Aisling Campbell, Rik Loose, Carol Owens – from 30 January through to 6 March, speaking from a psychoanalytic perspective about Hysteria, the Discontinuous Drive, Desire, the Impossible Lost Object, the Borderline, Addiction, Jouissance, ambivalence! There is the possibility of attending for the whole series of six, or choosing to attend an individual seminar. With CPD certification from APPI.


The Case for Psychoanalysis: Exploring the Scientific Evidence

John Thor Cornelius M.D. takes us through the scientific findings on treatment outcomes.

When compared to drug treatments and CBT, findings show that only those who have psychoanalytic treatment continue to improve even when the treatment ends. The gains from CBT and from drug treatment are lost.