Join us for this FLi 2021-2022 program taking the psychoanalytic clinic as a starting point to consider key areas of psychological presentation and suffering that characterise the modern era. Exploring all six of Freud’s major case studies, dedicating three weeks to each, as a backdrop to considering what analysands present with today and assessing the similarities and differences to Freud’s and Lacan’s clinical practices. For practitioners, trainees, students, and those seeking to consider in-depth links between psychoanalytic theory, clinical practice, and the impact of contemporary culture on subjectivity.

Each seminar co-delivered by two highly experienced clinical practitioners and theoreticians.

Guy Le Gaufey (Paris), Astrid Gessert (London), Annie Rogers (Amherst), Rik Loose, (Dublin), Leon Brenner (Berlin), Rolf Flor (Boston), Anouchka Grose (London), Patricia Gherovici (Philadelphia), Carol Owens (Dublin), Kristen Hennessey (Pennsylvania), Jamieson Webster (New York), Olga Cox Cameron (Dublin), Anne Worthington (London).

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President of the IPA, Virginia Ungar, talks to reknowned author, Siri Hustvedt, ahead of the IPA’s 52nd Congress. Siri will be the guest speaker during the opening ceremony on Wednesday 21st July.

For anyone with an appreciation of and fascination with the intricacies of memory, and of the symptoms that beset us by times, her novel Memories of the Future and her unique neurological memoir The Shaking Woman or A History of my Nerves, are glorious windows onto those other scenes.